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Chameleon - Purpose Built Instrumentation for Colorimetry, Fluorometry or Nephelometry

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Looking for a simple way to measure the concentration of an analyte in a solution ? The Chameleon is a customised instrument to do just that.

Like its namesake, a Chameleon instrument can assume one of a number of different forms depending on what you are wanting to measure and how. Source and detector circuit boards are mounted onto a base board either "in-line" or at right angles depending on whether your application calls for a colorimeter, a fluorometer or a nephelometer (the latter measures light scattering - used to determine a sample’s turbidity).

The resulting assembly mounts snugly into a delrin housing that allows insertion of a sample cuvette.

A dedicated microprocessor handles signal processing tasks, with results being displayed on an LCD panel. Alternatively, real-time data logging can be performed via a USB-serial interface using a LabVIEWTM virtual instrument (vi) featuring both graphical output and file I/O capabilities.